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"I found this track a few days ago, and believe me when i say it's really good. Yes, it's Nirvana, and yes, it is a remix of arguably their most popular song, Smells Like Teen Spirit. I know a lot of you will turn up your nose to this because electro remixes of rock music almost always turn out to be duds. Hell, I do it myself. But I find this one succeeds where the others fail. The vocals are kept to a real minimum, and it isn't structured like the original, so you can't really compare the two. I reckon it'd blow people's minds if dropped in a club so I highly recommend this one" (About Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix)

"I cant wait to get back to play this shit for the ketamine infected german youth." (About Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix)

When I listened to this with a friend, he said the first minute was like watching six kids standing in a line outside a Best Buy deciding who will be the one to throw the heavy-as-hell brick through the towering glass window. The next six seconds are the brick going through the window, and then it’s just a damn plasma-tv free-for-all.
(About Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix)
-- you me and everyone

"A long time ago, we shot a DJ set by Mike Genius where he put on this epic peak-of-the-set banger remix of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". We ran over to the booth to see his Serato screen so we could find out who did the remix, but he didn't have that info up, so we were lost. This morning, we got an email from Mark, one of the dudes from those ridiculously awesome Lemmy fans in Meterhead saying that he'd done that track with Genius and that the duo responsible was called WZRDZ. Well folks, we're so so happy to be bringing you word about a) WZRDZ and b) that remix of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" that we're sure you and your neighborhood beat junkie will be drooling over well into 2009. We're already wiping the corners of our mouths."

Even though I have a "thing" against groups that ERDCTE LL VWLS and TYP N LL CPS; I really like this new group WZRDZ. They have a new Ep out on Crushed Records and I had the good fortune to meet one of them back in NYC last weekend. Ace guy! He was kind enough to pass along a really top-notch remix they did of a classic tune... (About Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix)
-- birthday party berlin

"Great remix of a classic tune." (About Smells Like Teen Spirit Remix)


released July 31, 2009


Lore has it Two WZRDz exist, one in the east and one in the west. The eastern one lay deep with the knowledge of synths and stabs, while the western one forged samples heavey as though a master hammersmith. Through struggle and triumph, through uploading and sequencing, brothers they came to be. By the portal known as Crushed Records, their ancient knowledge shall be revealed.



Mike Genius
Mike Genius - (dance music for smarting)
Kite in the Air - (wzrdz beats + emma lucia's vox)

Mark Reveley
Kite in the Air - (wzrdz beats + emma lucia's vox)
Meterhead - (club bangers)
Jed & Lucia - (electrified psych folk)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem - (afro vs. disco = afroheats)





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