Episode 2 - Wzrdz are Awshum


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2:1 - "Conjuror"
The wizard N reaches 2nd level, gaining 20 hit points, and attempts his first conjuring. An sub-Hades hell beast rises from N's enchanted rune-markings, and makes much display of his super evil powers. Before N can harness such energies however, an enchanted rain cloud drives the sub-Hades hell beast back into the depths from whence it came.

2:2 - "Mompa"
A strange gallumping sponge creature attacks the wizard N as he makes his way down the path of realization. The battle is fierce, with many magical blows traded, until N successfully casts a spell of soaking, immediately waterlogging the sponge creature. N finds 300 gold pieces and a cloak of invisibility.

2:3 - "Sharona"
The wizard N takes the wrong path when returning to the Inn and steps through a temporary time portal leading to the USA circa 1979. For 20 seconds he witnesses a Knack concert. Upon returning to his dimension his memory is erased. N sleeps deeply and completely recharges his energy.

2:4 - "Junglishious"
the Wizard N is tempted by a travelling necromancer with tales of far off tropical forests and delicious exotic foods. N perceives a trap and casts a spell of truth, forcing the necromancer to reveal his plans to kill and rob N. N banishes the necromancer to the nether regions, and gains a +2 dagger.

Rumors from Previous Releases -

"...an absolute neck-and-back-breaking, synth-heavy, booty anthem. In just under five minutes, you get enough wamps to get you on your feet and enough highs and lows to keep you there. WZRDZ may not be able to tell the future, but they'll certainly fit into whatever slot tomorrow has for them." culture of me

"We got an email back in January from a little known electro-duo by the name of WZRDZ. Turns out that one of em is a member of Meterhead and the other of Mike Genius. Two tracks of theirs that I’ve been really digging is an original by the name of ‘Woodland Creatures House Party’ (something I’d really like to see) and a remix of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song.’" thedockingstation.ca

"WZRDZ is the collaboration between two of the most promising electronic dudes in the US, Mike Genius & Meterhead. You might remember these “Wizards” from that sick Nirvana remix “Smells Like WZRDZ and Spirits” blog.welikeitindie.com
released 13 January 2009

Lore has it Two WZRDz exist, one in the east and one in the west. The eastern one lay deep with the knowledge of synths and stabs, while the western one forged samples heavey as though a master hammersmith. Through struggle and triumph, through uploading and sequencing, brothers they came to be. By the portal known as Crushed Records, their ancient knowledge shall be revealed.



Mike Genius
Mike Genius - mikegenius.com (dance music for smarting)
Kite in the Air - kiteintheair.com (wzrdz beats + emma lucia's vox)

Mark Reveley
Kite in the Air - kiteintheair.com (wzrdz beats + emma lucia's vox)
Meterhead - meterhead.bandcamp.com (club bangers)
Jed & Lucia - jedandlucia.com (electrified psych folk)
Afrodisiac Soundsystem - afrosoundsystem.com (afro vs. disco = afroheats)


released September 22, 2009




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